Aqua Bedroom Ideas

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Stunning aqua bedroom colors

Stunning aqua bedroom colors

Stunning aqua bedroom colors
Decorating your bedroom in shades of aqua can immediately transform the room! It can literally change the whole feel of the room. Aqua is a restful shade on it’s own but teamed with other colors can bring an area to life.

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Aqua Bedroom Ideas is a mixture of blues and greens. The end result totally depends on how you mix your paint, leaning either towards the greens or the blues. Wherever you end up, it is a lovely color to work with.

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A bedroom with a wooden floor will look stunning with the walls painted in aqua and perhaps a lampshade in this color to carry the theme further. You will find that aqua is extremely versatile and can take having bolder colors next to it.

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So a carpet which is manufactured in aqua with section of dark grey woven into the design will look wonderful!

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Cushions and lampshades in solid colors like pink and salmon go well with aqua. When mixed with colors like navy and orange it will take on a whole new effect, giving the Aqua Bedroom Ideas a bold, large as life look. You should not be afraid to try adding this great color to your bedroom decor, you will not be sorry you did!

Aqua bedroom in classic style

aqua bedroom in classic style

aqua bedroom in classic style

Unique aqua bedroom for girls

unique aqua bedroom for girls




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