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Antique Looking Bathroom Vanities are designed in varying selection of styles and sizes. The bathroom vanities are typically immense. Antique Bathroom Vanities are developed with a decorative touch and an appealing appearance. Buying a vanity furniture for your bathroom gives your home a calming aesthetic appearance by redesigning your bathroom space.

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It is advisable to take into account your bathroom space and other existing features so that the bathroom vanity does not disrupt the current flow of the bathroom. Another critical decision comes when you are selecting a bathroom vanity with or without a countertop. You can choose to select your exclusive top or settle with the one that comes standard with the bathroom vanity.

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Bathroom furniture vanities

Small antique bathroom vanities

Bathroom furniture vanities


Avast collection of modern bathroom vanities is available including cherry, vanities, white vanities, and glass vanities among others. The bathroom vanities range from their sizes and styles giving a new impressive look to your bathroom interior. Some of the best bathroom vanity brands include Virtu USA which is built with exceptional quality.

Small antique bathroom vanities

Small antique bathroom vanities

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James Martin Furniture is another leading manufacturer of high quality and well-designed Bathroom Vanities. Other leading brands include the Hardware Resources, Stufurhome, and Bosconi.

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Typical costs for mass-produced bathroom vanities ranges from 40 US dollars to 150 US dollars for a basic single-sink model. Custom bathroom vanities from showrooms or cabinet designers can cost between 75 US dollars and 250 US dollars. Custom vanities may cost between 200 US dollars and 1000 US dollars to install depending on the complexity of the whole project.

White antique bathroom

White Antique Bathroom Vanities

White Antique Bathroom Vanities


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